CSG Breaks Ground on Another Caribbean Luxury Home

There’s no off-season when it comes to constructing quality luxury homes. While North America eagerly awaits to see if a groundhog will see its shadow, thus signaling an early spring – that is, if you believe in such superstitions, the dedicated craftsmen at Cayman Structural Group break ground on a new canal front property. 

Unlike other residential contractors who piecemeal or outsource new projects to the lowest bidder, we don’t believe in cutting corners or delegating hard work to others once the hammers start swinging. We build concrete-reinforced luxury homes and beach houses from the ground up – from start to finish with no extended breaks trying to log extra hours that add line items to your budget. Year-round delightful sunny weather provides an abundance of calendar days to get your project off the ground before deadline.

Sturdy Foundations Support Lasting House Construction

What do you see when you give a quick lookover to a beautiful island tropical estate? Is it the congruent proportions from each corner stretching to the sky to meet at the picturesque peak? Or maybe it’s the commanding facade columns inviting you to take a closer look while supporting the dormers giving away to endless views of the Caribbean? Whatever it is, we’re sure this awe-inspiring luxury home wouldn’t be possible without a sturdy foundation.

Unless you have x-ray vision, you will probably never see the work that goes into building a solid foundation that begins with footer excavation and embracing support systems like rebar and concrete. Fortunately, we can give you an inside look at what makes each CSG beach house and luxury home capable of withstanding the fickle nature of the Atlantic’s hurricane corridor. Solid foundations yield only to well-constructed interior walls that prevent moisture permeation and rapid temperature inversions that invent mold and festering deterioration that no home is immune from.

What are Footers?

You wouldn’t know it without closer examination, but beach house footers represent an integral part of the foundation which helps transfers the structure’s load to a larger soil area. In easy-vibing beach lingo, footers embolden the foundation against rogue waves and gnarly weather, as well as jarring seismic events. Yes, without footers, most seaside castles would crumble and tumble over into the unforgiving Atlantic. Solid construction is like links in the chain. No matter how small, each piece is crucial to the unbreakable bond of solidly built construction. Although we don’t like to pick favorites, we have special admiration for the footer. It also doesn’t hurt that we don’t care to get our hands dirty and get down to business if it ensures safety and stability at each phase of the construction process.

For a good foundation to stand up to the physics of good construction, you have to dig beneath the surface of your build. Excavation is a crucial component to footer construction and allows workers to start from scratch before leveling the ground to the correct orientation. The depth of the footer depends entirely on the soil composition. Sandy, rocky top soil must be churned and pushed away to latch onto more stable crust prior footer construction. Building a well-placed footer is like a sculptor shaping and molding a chunk of clay before chiseling away the excess material, or in the case of beach house construction, jackhammers hewing away at excessive concrete pours, so we can get that perfect shape before perfecting the concrete slab foundation. Then, the project will really come to life as our carpenters begin erecting exterior and interior walls while electricians and plumbers contribute their part to modernity.

Our Latest Project

We still have a lot of ground to cover (or remove) in our latest canal front property. As you can tell from the photo gallery below, we’ve finished excavation the footer and can take away some of the batter boards. For those unfamiliar with construction jargon, batters boards are basically temporary framing placed beyond the corners of a planned foundation. Batter boards help contractors gauge precise foundations and hold layout lines so our workers don’t color outside the lines. 

We’ve also completed the pool’s excavation, because what’s luxury tropical home without a swimming pool? Once we begin the tedious, yet necessary task of securing the footer, the project will really come to life as we build a thick foundation and begin wall construction. The home’s outer shell will soon hide this sturdy foundation and we wouldn’t be surprised to near construction by summer’s end. To find out more about the beach house construction process, give us a call today for a quote and in-depth consultation.

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