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Construction in the Cayman Islands

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Since 2009

Experienced Construction Professionals

Cayman Structural Group provides quality design and construction in the Cayman Islands. From concrete to spray foam insulation, to interior and exterior design and construction. We have the experience and the drive to deliver on time and on budget for any size project.

Tommy Sofield: Director of Business Development

Tommy Sofield, Owner

Tommy has a wide range of experience in residential and commercial construction, real estate development, and has been a General Contractor since 2002.  He holds a degree in Industrial Technology, specializing in Urban Planning. As Director of Business Development and Director of Construction Operations, he pursues new clients, new development projects on the islands, and leads multiple Construction Management Teams. His integral role with Cayman Structural Group ensures every project is executed with the highest quality, is completed on time, and is completed within budget.  Look no further than previous clients such as Guy Harvey, among many others, who have entrusted Tommy Sofield and Cayman Structural Group with their construction projects and you’ll find a long list of satisfied clientele.

Above and Beyond

Cayman Structural Group has the resources and experience to take a project from concept to occupancy. From breaking ground to moving in, our team of experienced residential, commercial and luxury construction experts will go above and beyond to meet the needs of our clients.

Proud member of the Cayman Contractor's Association

The Cayman Contractors Association exists to promote excellence in construction, just and ethical business practices, compliance with relevant laws and regulation as well as safe and fair working conditions.

In addition, the association confers with the government on matters affecting the industry, seeks to elevate technical and business knowledge of its members, while encouraging the training and mentoring of students.

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