Cayman Structural Group continues partnership with Periwinkle in providing energy efficient homes

Unlike some general contractors and builders, there is no “off-season” for the diligent employees at Cayman Structural Group. We tackle projects of all magnitude, regardless of size or duration. Our dedication to providing world-class luxury homes and commercial properties is unimpeded by logistical challenges that bog down other construction companies. While other contractors say, “We can’t build that,” we pick up a shovel with a smile and say “When can we start?” Experience with both residential luxury homes and large-scale, multi-phase, commercial construction projects, our team of resourceful contractors ensure your project gets up and running without a hitch so that you can meet that next deadline.

Leaders in innovative green technology and building energy efficient homes and offices

Cayman Structural Group is also on the cutting edge of emerging construction technologies, so you know your building project will be state-of-the-art. With a growing emphasis on sustainability and being environmentally responsible, CSG also values smart and resource efficient building technology. We recently showcased these prudent, yet stylish engineering projects in the Periwinkle housing development

CSG is the lead contractor on Phase II of Periwinkle’s new housing community. These homes will adhere to the prestigious LEED standards of building, which means lower energy bills through individual solar array. Phase I of the development project included a Club House and swimming pool. While the project is still in its early stages, we are confident this multi-use family development will fill up quickly as residents discover the neighborhood’s intrinsic beauty.

Cayman Structural Group luxury home builders excel at meeting clients' needs

Every client has a unique vision for what they want in a finished project. Gentrified cookie cutter homes and developments are simply boring and have no place in a tropical paradise in the Caribbean. We understand that each gem or ruby in the island’s rich treasure chest of awe-inspiring buildings needs to glisten and gleam brighter than the previous one. Cayman Structural Group specializes in engineering buildings that appease accentuated tastes and a non-conformist approach to architecture. From the moment that you make contact with a CSG engineer or building advisor, we are attune to your needs. You’ll never have to repeat yourself when it comes to conveying exactly what you want in your luxury home or commercial project. With such a wealth of experience in the construction industry, we can deftly anticipate project needs and head-off potential problems before they pop up on your radar.

The Latest Developments at Periwinkle

Here are the most recent and ongoing upgrades underway at Periwinkle.

  • Foundation work of waterfront buildings underway
  • Placing templates for stern walls ongoing
  • Plumbing and electrical work to ground floor slab
Periwinkle Garden Townhomes Construction
Periwinkle Luxury Living Community, Grand Cayman