Coral Stone Club Project

We started the Coral Stone Club Construction project in early May and look where we are now! In only 5 short months, we were able to provide the Coral Stone Club Community with a beautiful finished building. Here at Cayman Structural Group, we were given a task and provided only the best for our customer. We knew that this project would require flawless and precise work, so we made sure to keep them updated and in the loop throughout the entire project.

Coral Stone Club came to us with the vision of a beautiful concrete building to house their work-out facilities. We sat down together, drew out the plans, and went to work right away! We initially started with the foundation and block work. This is a crucial time in the building process. If you don’t form a strong foundation for a building, you will have problems in the long run. Once the foundation was set, construction of the exterior walls began.  Cinder-blocks were set, rebar was cut for insertion, and the professionals at Cayman Concrete Pumping poured concrete.

Next, we worked on weatherproofing the Coral Stone Club construction site. This turned out to be a large job with all the weather that moves across Grand Cayman. Technology was an important feature to the Coral Stone Club, so we dug trenches across the main road to connect data lines to the building.

After all the digging was complete, we were able to work on building the parking lot, curbs, and all of the concrete sidewalks around the building. This was the step in the project where windows, doors, lighting, bathroom, and flooring were being competed. We made sure to check with Coral Stone Club at every step of the process in order to design the interior and exterior to their specifications.

We were even able to build a soffit between the existing buildings and the new gym! Throughout the entire process, we only were only given positive review by Coral Stone Club in our design and construction work.

Cayman Structural Group is experienced working with internationally recognized architects. The Coral Stone Club was designed by John Doak Architecture of the Cayman Islands.

Check out our Coral Stone Club pictures for a closeup of our amazing work!

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