Coral Stone Project Construction

Exterior Concrete Work

After finishing the foundation and the block work, Cayman Structural Group started working on the exterior walls. Cinder blocks were laid, re-bar was cut, and the concrete walls were expertly finished! The professionals at Cayman Concrete Pumping are getting the job done right the first time!

The third phase of building construction was completed. Exterior walls were completed structurally and the roof has been enclosed. Weatherproofing the building was a job with all of the weather that moves through the island. We have we finished digging a trench across the main road for the data lines. The building will be equipped with the standard technologies. The prep work for the parking curbs was completed with the back hoe only the other day. Concrete was placed out in order to join all of the walkways around the building. The soffit between the existing building and the new gym was built out in accordance with coral stone. Because we are getting close to the completion of this project, all of the temporary construction fencing has been removed.

Nearing Project's End

We are getting to the end of this project! As you can see we are very close to completion with only having the finishing touches left. Painting and the bathroom’s final touches have been completed, along with the electrical system. In almost no time, residents will be able to move in! So far we have only gotten positive reviews from our work with the Coral Stone project.

Cayman Structural Group: Residential & Commercial

Whether dealing residential or commercial construction, Cayman Structural Group Completes the job right the first time. From the pictures shown you can clearly see that we are dedicated to providing our clients with the construction services they need. Whether it is construction, management, demolition, or anything else, we are experts at what we do. Our attention to small details and friendly customer service defines who we are as the top construction company in the Cayman Islands. Using a multitude of construction materials, our experienced employees are dedicated to providing all of your needs.

Cayman Structural Group is experienced working with internationally recognized architects. The Coral Stone Club was designed by John Doak Architecture of the Cayman Islands.

Make sure to keep track of our Coral Stone Development updates to see our amazing work!