Crews Put Finishing Touches on Periwinkle LEED Sustainable Community

The islands' first LEED sustainable community.

From breaking ground on new construction to putting the finishing touches on luxury island vacation homes, Cayman Structural Group is committed to seeing your project come to life with minimal interruptions. After months of planning and deft engineering, our skilled tradesmen are ready to open the doors to the Periwinkle Community. 

As you might have remembered, Periwinkle is the islands’ first LEED sustainable community. At its core, LEED is a “green” building rating system and principles that showcase and emphasize the importance of sustainable architecture.

The Periwinkle Community was unlike any other protect we’ve tackled. As with the case with any large housing project, we implement sound building practices that have a minimal environmental impact on the affected ecosystem. Progress should never coincide with pollution or degradation. Effervescent Caribbean waters and pristine beaches are the islands’ leading natural resources, and we would never do anything to detract from this setting of tranquility. While remaining attuned to the refined building tastes of our clients, we can seamlessly merge modernistic beach homes with the islands’ breathtaking topography. Gaudy homes can be an eyesore in an otherwise picturesque retreat, so we strive to preserve the landscape’s ‘untouched’ vibe while never impeding upon progress. Periwinkle encompasses these values while underscoring an affinity for the chic and well-maintained.

Going Green to Preserve the Pristine

Moonlight strolls amidst the breaking tides and sandy dunes are truly unrivaled. Such welcomed reprieves offer solace for much needed contemplation and reflection. As the warm Caribbean waters bolt up from the coastal plain for a friendly splash, you let out a deep sigh and remember there’s much more to life than spreadsheets and Zoom meetings. The breaking waves quickly erase your footprints before receding once again into the darkened Atlantic waters. Like these reverberating waves, Cayman Structural Group is committed to lessen humanity’s footprint on the islands’ natural beauty, which is why we did not hesitate at the opportunity to participate in a LEED construction project, such as Periwinkle.

Periwinkle epitomizes what construction should be: an intersection of technology with conservation. Periwinkle will offer tenants low energy bills as each home comes with its own solar array. The LEED for Homes program also creates a cleaner environment for inhabitants and guests. Periwinkle will serve as model for Caribbean construction for decades to come. Unlike other resort communities or tropical island get-aways, the sandy white beaches of the Cayman Islands remain untainted from the impurities of shoddy construction practices that often transform tranquil sceneries into adulterated aberrations. We’re sure if you think hard enough, a few of these East Coast ‘beach towns’ will come to mind. Communities, such as Periwinkle, strive for the pinnacle of responsible and sensible convergent construction.

Flexible Caliber of Construction to Tackle Any Project

Our breadth of experience in modern engineering supersedes faulty industry practices that emphasize cutting corners to save a few pennies. Shoddy construction will always bow to innovative sound building practices that have made us one of the islands’ most recommended contractors. At Cayman Structural Group, our mettle is refined by out deft ability to anticipate potential hiccups in construction with seamless intervention that ensures timely completion. We will remain on the cutting edge of new technologies, like LEED engineering, to ensure that all of our potential clients are afforded the most-up to date options in modern engineering.