CSG Finishes Garage Redevelopment

Why would an island nation need a fleet of vehicles? Wouldn’t a naval fleet management system be more fitting for an island territory? While it’s true the Cayman Islands, as you might have guessed it from the name, is surrounded on all sides by a body of water, this doesn’t mean that other modes of transportation aren’t necessary.

At first glance, the islands might appear to be nothing more than a speck on the map. But for an island, this territory has plenty of room to roam. In its entirety, the Caymans encompass 102 square miles and is home to almost 70,000 people. That’s basically the size of a city. And almost every municipality in the developed world has vital infrastructures like roads and transportation. The Caymans are no exception. Careening and meandering through every beach and Old World street corner is a network of roads that span the entire island over the course of a two-hour drive. To support the islands’ vital infrastructure, the Department of Vehicle and Equipment Services was developed to keep government cars in tip-top shape. This auspice includes police and fire protection, and even the postal services. To help keep these important services operational, the DVES partnered with CSG to redevelop a massive garage.

Keep the Wheels of Progress In Motion

Cayman Structural Group doesn’t hide its prowess as a well-known luxury home builder. Our reputation precedes us in all island affairs, but that doesn’t mean we shy away from the jobs in the public sector. 

Public and private built structures must abide by the same building codes and regulations. Because the island is situated in a prominent hurricane corridor, all structures must be built with thick and sturdy concrete foundations that can withstand powerful winds and debris. With a mastery of the art of interlaying massive concrete pours with an intricate labyrinth of rebar, CSG is capable of undertaking massive foundation builds that can support almost any structure. The DVES garage redevelopment is just the latest commercial size project that we completed. In the past three years, we’ve also been the primary contractor for a series of commercial office spaces and condominium projects.

What Sets Cayman Structural Group Apart from Other Builders?

No two projects are the same and should ever be judged with the same parameters. Sure, the laws of building physics remain unchanged, but each project takes special attention to detail.

The DVES garage is a showcase example of how poise in building ingenuity should complement functionality. You might not think that a luxurious beachside mansion and a vehicle garage would have much in common, but environment and building materials might suggest otherwise. Both structures require a super shell or outer exterior that can sustain high wind speeds and seismic activity. With no caveats, these structures need deep concrete footers and sturdy walls to embolden a roof system that can provide both top-tier security and protection. We approach both projects with a large and experienced workforce and quality building materials, not composite or synthetic offshoots, that can endure rapidly-changing weather conditions.

All Roads Lead to Quality Protection

It doesn’t matter who is footing the bill: quality constructed buildings need to last for decades to come. While luxury beach homes never come cheap, the stakes are risen even more with tax funded projects, such as the DVES repair garage. Everyone has a vested interest in taxpayer-funded projects, so all mistakes and miscalculations become magnified with so much public scrutiny. The margin of error becomes razor thin. 

We know all eyes are on us and the general public depends on the completion of the project to make sure public services continue uninterrupted. Obviously, this project was moved to the top of our priority list and our skilled contractors followed every measurement and specification on the itinerary exactly. We handle each project with the upmost respect and appreciation for external dynamics that impact this every project we complete.

Cayman Structural Group: Contractors for the Cayman Islands

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