Department of Vehicle and Equipment Services (DVES) Celebrates Grand Opening

Progress is measured in fractions of inches - not miles.

When it comes to quality construction, it’s about precision and taking your time with difficult projects. Luxury home construction requires a deft hand and a strong constitution in erecting columns and sturdy framework that can weather any environment. And while some construction outfits might be content with cutting corners and rushing projects along, Cayman Structural Group understands that true craftsmanship takes time and dedication. We don’t take long stretches of time off, regardless of the weather or conditions. That’s also a testament to our reputation as a premier builder on the island. How many construction builders stay covered up with work during the winter? Not many at all. Most crews even lay workers off as work peters off toward the end of the year. Again, this is what separates dedicated craftsmen from lackadaisical day laborers. Cayman Structural Group reiterated this mindset with the recent completion and grand opening of the island’s DVES facility.

What is the DVES?


DVES provides fleet management services to the government’s fleet of vehicles and equipment. Now that it’s completed, this project will expand the department’s pool of vehicles that serve island residents daily. Building large infrastructure that can house heavy duty equipment like cars and buses is a little different than building luxury homes. But that’s not to say that it’s not in our wheelhouse. What many people might not realize is that Cayman Structural Group is also a leading builder in the civil and commercial building industry.


We’ve tackled several government and larger enterprise projects. Our approach is no different in building a seaside luxury mansion when setting a solid foundation for more community-oriented facilities. The DVES project required pouring thousands of gallons of wet concrete to support a bastion of rebar and red iron beams to support the building’s frame to flesh out the structural skeleton.

All Roads Lead to Quality Construction

Did you know that as of 2000, the island provides nearly 500 miles of paved roads? Considering the rapidly growing tourism industry, it’s safe to say the labyrinth of roadway has only expanded in recent years. 

These well-manicured roads serve vacationers and natives alike. And as the case with any first world nation, the Cayman government provides an impressive public transportation system to serve anyone who needs to get a few errands done or even tourists eager to go sightseeing. Quality infrastructure, like roads, need an equally formidable support system, which is were DVES merges into this journey. We appreciated the weight of this massive project and the Cayman government’s faith that we could negotiate the surprise hairpin turns that comes with convoluted and complex building projects. We didn’t take the express route in completing the DVES facility. We remained on site throughout the entire project to make sure all deadlines met their final destination and didn’t yield to shoddy building practices.

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