Lalique Point Luxury Home

What is a luxury home without a pool? Well, fortunately owners of the Lalique Point residence will never have to ponder such a thought, as crews CSG recently put the finishing touches on the home’s outdoor swimming pool!

The home’s exterior is also coming together nicely as masonry crews were recently on site to perform needed touch-up work. Lalique Point is also acing contractor inspections and will soon join several other homes on the island’s strain of must-see homes.

A complete list of work recently completed is as follows:

  • Masonry repairs and stucco touch up work in progress to the cantilever slab at summer kitchen, retaining walls, steps, etc.
  • Electrician on site. Wiring, conduit work and install to complete the power to the pool equipment in progress.
  • Hidden Door installed at the main house staircase, shiplap install work around the door completed. Punch List work completed to the staircase internal railing, handrail and newel post.
  • Plumbing contractor on site to check on the plumbing leak, no further water leaks observed, continuing to monitor the house and all lines are under pressure and active.
  • Growing Beauty irrigation tech on site. Trenching work in progress for the irrigation system.
  • Concrete slab increased in size per request of Kurl landscape designer, at the breezeway, between breezeway and pool pathway.
  • Rendering work to summer kitchen in progress as required. Patch work to retaining wall masonry areas, as required, in progress.
  • Waterline tile install completed to the overflow trough.
  • Plumbing troubleshooting work for the master bathroom water leak in progress. Water still being observed dripping under the master shower area in the covered porch ceiling.
  • Electrician on site. Wiring work completed at the summer kitchen outlets. Logic technician on site. Fiber lines placed from the main connection at the road and ran to the pedestal and then through the conduit into the main house 2nd floor AV closet.