Lalique Point Residence Luxury Home Construction - 6/21/2019 update

The true aesthetic beauty of the Lalique Point Residence is taking form as this gorgeous unit stretches toward completion.

Luxury Home Builder

Located in one of the most prestigious luxury home communities in Lalique Point, this gorgeous luxury home is being built by a handful of groups collaborating together. Cayman Structural Group is the structural contractor, completing the concrete foundation and shell construction of the luxury home.

Current upgrades and site preparation are as follows:

  • The pool plumbing rough-in is completed for the pool equipment pad. Pressure test is also completed and the lines have been left under pressure.
  • Concrete pour for the spa bench and the CMU roadside wall footer are now completed.
  • The installation of a natural gas line is in progress.
  • A plumber contractor is now on site and ready to install the shower plumbing fixture/valve trim.
  • A paint crew is on site to put finishing touches on a variety of fixtures.
  • The primer application for the breezeway and vaulted ceiling, as well as the decorative beams is now in progress.
  • An electrician is on-site to extend the conduits from the main house laundry house side door to the other side of the retaining wall.
  • Plastering and rendering in progress on the roadside wall and garbage enclosure walls, as well as the columns and summer kitchen walls.
  • Wood flooring installation to the main house ground areas in progress.
  • Form-work in progress for the covered porch steps and laundry room side entry steps at retaining wall.
  • Water authority crew on site.
  • Fire hydrant shut off valve in progress.
  • Pool plumbing contractor on site.
  • Delivery of shutters
  • Cayman water crew on site.
  • Garage door, track and motor installed.
  • General site cleanup in progress.
  • Concrete pour to the retaining wall and garbage enclosure.

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