Frank Residence – Project Update 1/14/19

Custom Home Construction Progress

We’re now in month 5 and 1/2 of this custom construction project and the job is on schedule. The finished product should be ready to hand over in the next six months as all finish and custom detail work completes. We’re excited to release this update about the current progress of this custom luxury home in the Cayman Islands. Construction is moving along smoothly with this new residence. The concrete shell construction is complete and things are really coming together!

With the exterior of the home dried in and the roofing started, the interior framing is nearing completion now as well. Door and window installation is next, then our experienced construction and finishing crews will begin to hang sheet-rock for the interior walls, after adding spray foam insulation. Next, the shiplap interior will be installed inside. The Enviroshake Roof Tile covering is going on now and will be completed very soon, and the pool construction is underway. Once the roofing has been installed, sustainable solar panels will be integrated to help power this custom home. As the general contractor, CSG is organizing all mechanical, electric, and plumbing subcontractors throughout the project. Continue to follow along as we document the build from start to finish.

Luxury Home Builder

Located in one of the most prestigious luxury home communities in Lalique Point. This gorgeous luxury home is being built by a handful of groups collaborating together — Cayman Structural Group is the structural contractor, completing the concrete foundation and shell construction of the luxury home.

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November 1st, 2018 Update

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