Cayman Structural Group Hits a Hole-in-One

Cayman Structural Group is proud to announce one of their latest projects, a stunning luxury home on Grand Cayman Island. Located on a picturesque golf course, this residential home is designed to provide the ultimate in island living.

From the initial planning, design, building, and construction phase, the Cayman Structural Group team has gone above and beyond to create a home that is not only beautiful but also functional and efficient. Changes can always happen as a project is being realized. With over 14 years of experience, Cayman Structural Group can efficiently manage project changes and optimize construction timelines to minimize the overall impact on the initial planning and scope of the project. For this exquisite home, the team have performed the following upgrades to improve the residential luxury home:

Luxury Home Construction Upgrades

  • Added water feature to the swimming pool:
      The addition of a water feature adds a touch of elegance to the already stunning swimming pool, creating a truly inviting oasis.
  • Extended sun shelf at the swimming pool:
      The sun shelf is a perfect spot for lounging in the sun or enjoying a cool drink, and the extension provides even more space to relax.
  • Widened the garage by two feet:
      With the wider garage, residents will have plenty of space to open and close the car doors without worrying about dings or scratches.
  • Provision for solar future connection:
      The Cayman Structural Group team recognizes the importance of sustainability, and the provision for solar future connection ensures that the home can be energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • Provision for generator future connection:
      The provision for a future generator connection provides peace of mind during power outages, ensuring that the home can remain comfortable and safe.
  • Upgraded cabana kitchen with Timbers:
      The cabana kitchen is the perfect place to prepare and enjoy outdoor meals, and the upgrade with Timbers adds a touch of luxury and elegance to the space.
  • Upgraded cabana storage area to a sauna:
      The upgrade of the cabana storage area to a sauna adds an element of relaxation and rejuvenation to the home, providing a perfect place to unwind and de-stress.
  • Bonus room and attic created in the roof Truss area:
      The creation of a bonus room and attic in the roof truss area provides additional space for guests or family members, ensuring that everyone has their own place to call home.
  • Water access dock already built:
      With the water access dock already built, residents can easily enjoy all that Grand Cayman Island has to offer, from boating and fishing to kayaking and paddleboarding.
  • Upgrades to the master bedroom from the original layout:
      The upgrades to the master bedroom from the original layout provide a luxurious and comfortable retreat for the homeowners, complete with all the amenities one would expect in a luxury home.

With the ever-present quality control, construction experience, project management, and successful upgrades, the Cayman Structural Group crews are creating a home that truly embodies the luxury lifestyle. The attention to detail, commitment to sustainability, and desire to create a functional and efficient home are all evident in this stunning home.

Stay tuned for updates on the progress of this exciting project as construction continues!

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Are you looking to build a luxury home, retreat, or vacation home in the Grand Cayman Islands? Is a golf course home what you envision retiring to?

Nothing beats a relaxing game on the back 9. After a grueling onslaught at the office, you’ve finally escaped to the islands to perfect your stroke without any mindless distractions chatting away in your backswing. Golf is the gentlemen’s game. Along with a daily dose of vitamin D, the fairway rivals any downtown boardroom or trading floor as a ‘meeting of the minds.’ On these luscious green golf courses, you can find executives from every industry rubbing elbows and exchanging trade secrets, along with a few hot stock leads. Golf is never just about golf. While it’s the perfect business retreat, or excuse, for the suits to get some fresh air after pouring over spreadsheets and numbers, golf can be just as therapeutic as it is edifying. What can be more perfect than a satisfying game on the open course? How about combining your favorite pastime with all the benefits of a tropical escape? A golf course luxury home gives you a vacation from your vacation.

Not All Sand Traps and Water Hazards Should Be Avoided

Life is full of obstacles. Even a short 9 on the course comes with perils to make the game more challenging. But why is this always the case? Why do we try to make life harder, even during leisurely pursuits? The Cayman Islands will always be more than just a tropical getaway. The islands can be a place to recharge and reintegrate a positive mindset into whatever your handicap is in life. And who said you need to compare yourself against anyone else constantly? A tropical getaway should never be a race. Life is full of needless competition and measuring yourself against the other guy. Don’t you deserve a break, even when it’s on the course perfecting your short game? 

Cayman Structural Group allows the merger of both leisure and relaxation. The recent construction of an ongoing golf course luxury home embodies this experience. Enjoying the best of both worlds, the prospective owners decided to construct a luxury golf retreat a short walk to the beachfront. After a complete game, players will be given the luxury of simply strolling off the course and making their way to the beach, where they can decompress after a “decompressing” game of golf.

Golf Course Luxury Home Enriches Island Treasures

Just because you’ve jettisoned to a tropical escape from the daily grind doesn’t mean you want to abandon all of the routines you left stateside. What about your short games? Are you just gonna give up the clubs because you’re on vacation or retired to the sunny beaches of the Caymans? Of course not.

A luxury golf course home allows you to have the best of both worlds without giving up an ounce of comfort. We’d never condone cheating or mimicking another player’s style, but maybe it’s time you took a look at the scorecard of the owners of this up-and-coming golf course luxury home. You might find yourself aiming for the islands’ sand traps and water hazards!

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