Lalique Point has become the Gem of the Island

It takes a special type of craftsman with superior building materials to erect a sturdy home in paradise. While the Cayman Islands are known for their idyllic tropical weather and slower pace of life, it’s not without unique threats that can jeopardize the safety and well-being of inhabitants. The Caymans are notorious for their close calls with hurricanes and recently the island was rattled to its core with a 7.7 earthquake. An accompanying tsunami warning rattled some nerves, but fortunately this threat, too, came and passed. Providentially, there were no injuries or substantial damage reported. But you shouldn’t let these fears prevent you from enjoying a much needed tropical vacation. The Caymans are just like anywhere else in the world. They have their own threats but are seldom realized. Even if those worst possible scenarios come true, our skilled and dedicated engineers design homes that can withstand the worst that Mother Nature can throw its way.

Superior Engineering and Construction

So how does Cayman Structural Group offset these threats? We take pride in our highly engineered buildings and structures that take into consideration the multitude of threats that loom on the horizon. Our concrete foundations and walls are deeper and stronger than almost any residential system worldwide. We also reinforce each luxury home or public infrastructure project with the strongest rebar and our architectural drawings will reveal detailed plans that resemble a bastion of fortification instead of a luxury home. While the outside of our homes shines as glorious and flawlessly as a super model, the bones of our luxury vacation homes are as tough as an elephant’s. It’s truly a testament to our engineers and builders that all of the homes that we have built on the island escaped a 7.7 earthquake without any damage. How many other builders can boast such an immaculate resumé?

Strong and beautiful luxury vacation homes

The luxury home at Lalique Point is another stunning example of the CSG craftsmanship. Like all homes, this beautiful residence was built to weather any storm and survive an attack to its foundation. Since last month’s nerve-wracking earthquake, the island has returned to tranquility and building has resumed in earnest. Warmer weather has led to a builder’s paradise on the island, as crews putting the finishing touches on the pristine property of the Lalique Point residence.

Crews are now making last second stucco repairs as prepare to present a flawless home to the proud owners of this Cayman Luxury Home. So what else has been happening at this home? Check out the complete list of updates to the Lalique Point residence below

  • Completion of remaining stucco repairs
  • Site cleanup
  • Exterior punch list work in progress
  • Repairs to pool finalized
  • Door stops at breezeway for main house and guest house entry doors completed
  • Retaining wall repairs completed