Periwinkle Garden Home Offers Modern Amenities in a Slice of Paradise

Suburban Living Without the Tiresome Upkeep

Townhomes remain one of the most viable and versatile types of housing on the market. Unlike traditional homes or duplex apartments, townhomes offer all the advantages of suburban living without the headaches of tiresome lawncare or building upkeep. Spread across multiple floors, terraced housing feature optimized floor plans that are cheaper than a standalone house and offer greater privacy than a standard apartment or condominium. 

Townhomes are perfect for retirees seeking a slice of paradise without buying the whole pie, or a beachside mansion. Terraced homes give you the feel of homeownership with out sacrificing the connectivity to neighbors and the convenience of all the little extras that just make life a little easier. Now, imagine living in a townhome located in a tropical paradise. You can split the best of both worlds in a modern tropical escape while retaining the comfort you enjoy stateside. Go to the beach or stay in for a quiet day of reflection, tropical townhomes satiate any desire of comfort. Residents of our newly finished Periwinkle Garden home will soon reap these benefits of modern living by the sea without the typical financial constraints that come with living in a vacation get-away.

Split-level Luxury Home Without Splitting The Bank

Nestled along cool and tranquil Caribbean waters, the Periwinkle community of garden homes strives for the contemporary without pandering to the not-so-nuanced clichés of ‘beach living,’ which has become a grossly overstated selling point for tourists and vacationers. Periwinkle is redefining Caribbean living without giving into the mundane pitfalls of resort living. At Cayman Structural Group, we seamlessly weave chic and modernity with the spirit of a jet-setting lifestyle that supplants the banality of everyday living in a 9-5 world. Here, you can escape trivial pursuits in a tropical environment without giving up your creature comforts.

Take a quick look around our recently completed Periwinkle Garden Home. What’s your first impressions? Aside from the scenic views of the island landscape, the sleek modern edges of the stainless still kitchen fixtures and appliances engender feelings of ‘home’ with an air of sophistication that comes with accrued status and a lifetime of prosperity. Large bayside windows provide a rush of natural light into this state-of-the art townhome and remain strategically placed on the backside of the unit with your privacy in mind. As the case with some contemporary housing, looks can be deceiving, but we assure you that’s not the case with the Periwinkle community. This gorgeous garden home’s beauty is rivaled only by the pristine nature of the islands. This garden home’s splendor is evident from the inside out. An edifying mahogany hardwood doors greets guests fortunate enough to grace your island retreat. The backyard gives way to a small, but proportionate garden or lawn area to retire in the evening dusk, something you certainly can’t find at a drab beach condo.

Beach Garden Homes for Sensible Luxury Living

Whether you’re looking to permanently retire in calmer waters or just a weekend and seasonal get-away, the Periwinkle Garden Homes can whet any appetite for affordable luxury living that averts tired beach monikers of the clueless vacationer or snowbird who doesn’t appreciate true island living. Here, you spend your time on the island on your terms, away from droves of tourists and substandard building practices that detract from your home’s value, which is representative of a lifetime of hard work. As we’ve said before, not everyone needs an oversized beach home or mansion to enjoy the true merits of life on the island. At Periwinkle, sensibilities and sound investments intertwine seamlessly with style that doesn’t sacrifice comfort.

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